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Juki MO-114D Serger Details


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Compared to sewing, serging is a whole different beast. If you are new to using an overlocking machine, it can seem exceedingly complex. While many sergers are on the market, the Juki MO-114D offers straightforwardness without compromising quality or longevity. Once you get the hang of it, this machine is easy to use. On the other hand, if you are well acquainted with serging, you know how important it is to find a heavy-duty machine. There's nothing worse than buying a machine and finding out it's not qualified to meet your needs. With the MO-114D, you have nothing to worry about. Juki is a trustworthy brand, and the price point for what you get can't be beaten. Keep reading to learn more about all the features the Juki MO-114D has to offer!

Simple Threading

Threading a serger can be confusing. If you've never threaded one, you might end up feeling overwhelmed and breaking your thread a few times. Fortunately, Juki MO-114D has a lay-in type tension system, meaning no wrapping the thread around complicated tension dials. Simply run the thread through the slots and follow the color-coded guide on the front of the machine. Juki's Youtube channel offers video tutorials on how to use this machine so you'll never get lost.

Lower Looper Threader

Lower Looper Threader

The lower looper tends to be hidden and covered by other mechanical parts, making it the most challenging aspect to thread. To make the threading painless, Juki installed a lower looper threader on this model. This tool allows you to thread your lower looper in seconds. All you have to do is slide the thread into the slot, snap the looper into place, and voi?là, you're ready to sew.

Juki MO-114D Thread

Automatic Rolled Hemming

Automatic Rolled Hemming

If you need to do a rolled hem on an older or lower-end serger, you'd have to unscrew your throat plate and presser foot and install specialized ones specifically designed for this function. Not only is that time-consuming when you're trying to complete important projects, but you can quickly lose the screws. We can't tell you how many sewists reach out to us daily because their screws went missing or were dropped into the machine and cannot be retrieved. With the switch of a few settings, this machine can shift back and forth between overlocking and rolled hemming, saving a tremendous amount of time and headache over the life of your serger.

Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy Duty Frame

It seems that everything manufactured nowadays is intentionally disposable. Juki is committed to producing high-quality, long-lasting machines, and this machine is no exception. At constant top speed, the MO-114D can create around 15,000 stitches in 10 minutes. A quality build is required to handle that level of efficiency without breaking down after a few years. Juki designed the MO-114D with a heavy-duty, all-metal frame that ensures your machine lasts as long as it's well-loved and maintained.

Included Accessories

Standard Presser Foot, 2/3 Thread Converter, Lint Brush/Needle Inserter Tool, Soft Vinyl Dust Cover, Spool Holder Discs (4 pcs), Screwdriver (small), Screwdriver (medium), Tweezers, Oiler, Replacement Lower Knife, Accessory Bag, Needle Set, Foot Control, and Instruction Manual.